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August 20th, 2011

MUSH admin wanted

Currently I'm co-God of this new MUSH called The Reach. I also run the vampire sphere, and we're running a new world of darkness game and trying to tell a small town cthulu/dark shadows/horror based sort of thing. Less cyperpunk and more true horror. Think Hammer Horror films.

We have about 150 people logging on in the evenings, so we're doing pretty well and I'm happy with how things are going. I really would like to find someone, or maybe two someones, to come help me tell stories with these people. I know I have a lot of MUSH friends out there, and some great writers and storytellers among them, so if you're interested, come talk to me.

thereachmux.org 2009

I'm Pompeii. Or jadiana@gmail.com works too.  :)


September 15th, 2010


So I'm getting asked about this a lot. So here in a nutshell.  :)

I have the opportunity to go back to school for free, and really, since there's no work for me here, it would be foolish not to. In fact, I feel a little sheepish that I didn't get off my butt and do so a couple of years ago. Oh well.

After a long battle of quibbling what to take (english? Graphic arts? Try to get an engineering degree? Music? Art? Library Science?), I decided on Art. I think I want the tools to be the artist that I think I can be. There's so much inside that I haven't been able to express. I remember it being that way with music too, and after a year or so of constant playing, how I could play most anything I could hear in my mind, how liberating that felt. I want the same experience for art.

Art for now, consists of one long class of drawing. Knowing the pencil, the paper, the charcoal and so on. Learning contour lines and how to use your eye, to see. Learning perspective. It's a little hard for me, I haven't drawn in years, mostly I've been very focused on digital art and painting. Really simply drawing has been a reawakening. I love it.

And of course there are other classes. I am taking a music history class. Which, frankly, is kicking my ass. I'll be lucky to get a B+ in it. Though, I enjoy it a great deal, I am learning all sorts of things.From early greek music to Gregorian chants, and now we're moving into Medieval music. Thankfully. Since, really, the mass and all the divine offices and all that stuff is a lot to take in for a heathen like me. It has given me however, a new revelation on music and religion and how it was used, how important it's been to all religions, how elevated cultures have considered it, and how sad it is that we tend to think of it as 'extra' somehow, frivolous, unnecessary, to the point where it's not even really taught or utilized in schools anymore.

The class is alot to take in, and it's really my trial by fire for learning to be a student again. 4 papers, 1 final research paper of 8-10 pages. 4 listening assignments, daily quizzes and so on. It's a lot of work.

Then there's Writing. Writing is not English, don't mistake them. I know I initially did, and expected a lot of "diagram this sentence' sort of thing. This is learning to be yourself, to see the world through your eye, to find your voice and put it on paper. And yes, it is as touchy feely as all that.

There are no quizzes, no tests. We do write and turn in papers, and he does expect us to know how to spell and use proper grammar, but what he's really grading on, is our ability to express ourselves. It's one of those classes that I think it would be hard to fail, and I can see that most of the 18 year olds in my class (yep, my fellow freshman, heh) don't take it very seriously. They think, "Easy Pass" for the most part, and "omg, this old man is a kook".

And he is. But in this really fantastic way. Oh sure, he rambles a little and tells the same stories more than once, but he's got amazing stories and he's done a lot of things and it's a shame these kids don't appreciate him. Me and the other CE student (she's my age too), we both just love this old guy. I hear he teaches a creative writing class too and I want to take that one as well. I enjoy this class so much it makes me wonder if I shouldn't minor in English. I have a feeling I'd regret it, and I think I might try for a minor in Graphic arts besides, but I know I'll be taking more writing classes.

Then, there's mythology. And the teacher for this class (or should I be calling these folks professors?) is simply wonderful. From the fact that she's got silver hair (you know, like emmylou harris) to her real understanding on just what these myths represented to their various societies, I love her class.

She even lays an equal brush to the Judeo-Christian myths, same as the others, and I know she's Lutheran, but it seems she's able to reconcile faith and fact without any trouble. In fact, this school is a Franciscan University and yes, there are still nuns running around. It seems that most of my teachers are fairly religious, but in this really groovy...I don't know how to put it, progressive way? One that feels as if knowledge and science, logic and so on doesn't have to fall aside for faith?

So, it's been a great experience so far. I've learned things, and I suppose, that's the point, right? I'm still a little intimidated by the process, the work, worrying about getting good grades, but a lot of that is just this apprehension of not knowing what's going to happen. I suspect next semester I'll be much less so.

September 9th, 2010

Test test

Sorry for the spam folks, this is a test. Yes, another crossposting test to see if when I post on Dreamwidth, the post it creates on LJ will propagate to twitter and Facebook.

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Going back to school

Now that I can crosspost to other places when I post here, I'll start posting here more often.

This is just a simple observation about my art classes.

So, we're doing contour drawings. Which means, strong, unbroken lines, keeping your eyes mostly on the object, following the outlines of the shape. And it's the hardest thing for me. I think it's because I paint more than draw, and when I draw, I tend to block things out, lay them out, sketch and go from general to specfic. Contour drawing seems backwards to me, and I'm having to relearn everything. Even all the drafting I have done is completely different than this approach.

So I'm learning. But it's also a very humbling experience, I feel very akward and stupid.

July 24th, 2009


i was dubious about it at first, since, it does have a ton of childish garbage, all those apps and whatnot, which doesn't interest me much.

However, it's been an amazing tool for contacting old friends and family. I'm very glad that I decided to create a facebook page.

June 29th, 2009

I've noticed that my LJ friendslist is pretty quiet these days. It might be summer or it might be that everyone, like myself, is spread thin among many online communities.

Not that I'm yakking up a storm anywhere, really. But it occured to me that I should at least make sure everyone knows where to 'find' me if they care to.







(very helpful btw)


Plus I play WOW on the Rexxar server as Rhyella (among others)
I'm Natalia Basiat on Second Life and Vhiola on IMVU.

June 17th, 2009

Anyone have any friends in Dublin? My sister is there right now, and sort of on her own unexpectly. She's thinking of coming home almost 10 days early, but it seems a shame, she'll probably never get overseas again. She's just intimidated by the idea of being there alone. I don't know anyone in Ireland, alas. England - yes, Ireland - no.

I'd really be appreciative. I feel sorry for her, she's been so excited about this trip, then her girlfriend that she went with ran off with some guy. My sister called home and said she was thinking of just coming home, but she's not supposed to return until the 30th.

June 2nd, 2009

Beatles Rockband! I want I want I want.


May 24th, 2009

Idea number eleventy

So, I'm reminded after reading about this $70 movie that is wowing people at Cann, I have this idea. Part MUSHing, part fanfic,  part Youtube, part karaoke, part social network...

What if you had a place online, a 'webpage' where, it was possible to create video dramas? Imagine that you had a process where people would submit scripts, and vote on them. Then, another where people could act them out, either in groups, or taking single roles. It could be done as simple as using your webcam, or as elaborate as you'd like. And people could vote on those too. So, we have stories, and then people would film them, act in them. THEN, we could have another section where people could play 'director' or 'production' and most likely, pick something that was voted up, and piece it together, add music? Maybe scoring it could be a totally seperate catagory. I mean, this is just a rough, core idea. I'm not sure I'm getting it out of my head properly, explaining it as I see it working, but you get the gist.

It's sort of a play on the recording studio idea I had, where you could have a site where people could write and perform music together, recording and mixing tracks. After all, in this day and age, you don't need to work together in the same room and it could be a way to hook up with talent that you might not be able to otherwise. You wouldn't be limited to where you live for being a part of a particular music 'scene'.

May 21st, 2009

Laying around today and yesterday, in a haze of vicodin and pain, one of the things I got to thinking about is this whole open license business with Second Life. People are beginning to really take it to heart and are setting up alternative grids. In fact, it's very easy to set up the server on your computer (if only for your own use, it's more complicated to enable it for others to use too) and it's easy to pay for a server service (much like we do for MUSHes) and set up the server software there. The example that I was given would cost about $15 a month to run.

Imagine, a visual MUSH.   :)  I am very tempted, but hell, I've been tempted for 3 years now. It's a nice thought though.
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